Wanna join us?

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App Developer (iOS) (f/n/m)

We, Milo and I (Hannes), founded “play” – for a whole new kind of automated video production and post-production.

A bit more in detail: We develop an artificial intelligence (machine learning, computer vision) that simulates an entire video crew and thus also enables completely new workflows in the creation of professional videos – for professionals as well as for all smartphone users.

With our idea, we are on the one hand changing how people and professionals create, distribute and monetize video content in the future.

On the other hand, we invite the video industry to rethink their technologies and approach.

About us: Milo is the CTO and is responsible for the machine learning part, while I, as CEO bring a lot of experience regarding film and marketing.

Who we’re looking for: An iOS app developer to support and possibly even finish our first MVP. Someone who wants to work independently, develop and design the most advanced UX.

At the same time, we will soon start talking to investors – where we already have access to a large network, curious for our solution.

Financials – first of all: Milo, me and our numerous supporters are working on play besides our regular jobs and can’t pay any fees.

But everyone who supports us gets “phantom shares” in play, based on a pre-agreed hourly rate.

This way we can share the success with everyone who supports play.

At the same time, we are willing to offer to grow into the role of a co-founder through our Phantom Shares program, provided everything fits – the technical, organizational and interpersonal.

How we work and organize ourselves: Milo is based in Florence, I am in Saalbach, our supporters like Geoffrey are based in Vienna, Dennis in Amsterdam and Gerrit in Berlin.

In short, we work remotely, when, where and how we want.

We meet for biking and snowboarding in Saalbach, for enjoying and strolling in Florence.

Thus, no on-site presence is required.

We organize ourselves – via Slack, Atlassian, Google Docs, WhatsApp, Zoom and phone.

It all runs in a very agile and relaxed way, as we truly believe in transparency, self-responsibility and self-management instead of rigid organizational software with long to-do lists.

We are still an almost “blank page” on which everyone is invited to co-create and contribute own ideas.

Because scope and freedom are enormously important to us – as we will free video from complexity and costs.

Now let’s have a first glimpse into the technical matters…

Our first app will evolve as fast as possible, but we start here:

  • record video
  • extract some information in real time processing
  • use machine learning (we have already the expertise)
  • save only relevant parts of the video
  • process in real time or in batch the video adding effects, dynamical cropping and filters
  • send some parts of the video to the cloud
  • download ML model for the selected use case

Therefore, we are looking for someone that has expertise in the following areas
(listed in order of importance):

  • iOS app development
  • real time processing
  • multi thread on apple devices
  • video handling and compression
  • deep knowledge of camera hardware on iPhones
  • optimization
  • automated app testing
  • CI/CD for apps
  • calling ML models on iOS
  • cloud (AWS or GCP)
  • color grading/filters for video

We work with an agile methodology, and you will oversee all the decisions involving your area in accordance with Milo, the CTO.

And your support for the selection of other resources involved in the IOS app development and shaping the product is highly appreciated.

We would be very happy if we made you curious. And even more if we can talk to you.
To guide you through our pitch deck/demo, show you what makes our approach unique and of course – to answer all your questions and hear what you think about and what you need to collaborate with us.

Feel free to contact me at any time: +43 660 498 18 00, hannes@play-tracks.com.

Thank you for your interest and time

Hannes and Milo